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Driven to Extremes
Driven to Extremes

Shell Helix is delivering the ultimate extreme driving experience.

The Shell Helix 2013 Global Promotion offers the unique opportunity to test their driving skills in some of the world’s toughest...


Shell has a long established technical partnership with Ferrari, ensuring the continued development and testing of Shell Helix lubricants. Through continuous product innovation Shell is always able to offer excellent quality products to the customer.

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One after another good news from Motorway Police, with the hope to excel in their duties and services: Motorway pol

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Watch this video of Roman Police Motorcyclists showing off their skills in this amazing demonstration. The video wa

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Driving too close and tailgating have their disadvantages. If God forbids the leading vehicle stops suddenly or get

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RIYADH: Saudi government has warned women from protesting against the ban on women driving a car.  

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Consumer Report’s annual Brand Report card came out earlier this year. It rates automotive brands with respect to

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Karachi Auto Show 2013
KARACHI, September 15, 2013: approximately 15000 car and motorcycle enthusiasts gathered at Port Grand in Karachi to view a diverse showcase of over 250 vehicles. The vehicles hailed from a variety of categories including vintage, classic, sports, exotic, luxury, SUV, bikes, trikes and project & modified vehicles.